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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping, payment options, custom commissions, terms, and other serious things before you peruse our #DicePorn catalogues.

The good stuff:

Custom dice to call your own

Everyone's got a #DreamDice idea.
We're just here to make them a reality for you.

The good stuff:

Session Zero Con 2021 Game Designers x Natural 20 Collaboration Collection

We've teamed up with the game designers featured in Gamers & GMs' Session Zero Con 2021 in making dice sets inspired by their brand or their games! For every purchase of a game designer's dice set, you get a free game from them or a discount voucher on their products!

The good stuff:
Crowd favorites

These are tried and tested designs that have been enjoyed by many all over the world. Can't go wrong with them!

The good stuff:

Other themed/concept collections

Sometimes we like to make dice of things we're fans of, and it'd be such a crime to keep it to ourselves! Here you'll find dice inspired by Dune's Arrakis, Star Wars, Critical Role, and Supergiant Games' Hades!

Here go our more complicated dice sets that deserve their own subsection, too.

The good stuff:
Dice with custom faces

Because just numbers for dice isn't enough. We 3D model, 3D-print, and resin cast dice with custom symbols, numbers, or fonts for your gaming needs.

You need to protect the things that are precious to you.

Nice things deserve to be protected, rolled, and carried around safely. We offer wooden dice trays that can be inlaid with a resin art piece. We've also got collapsible dice towers, too!

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Who we are and what we do

Led by our passion for tabletop games as a hobby and the grassroots community first and foremost, our expertise lies in turning your ideas and character concepts into unique dice sets that you can cherish and call your own. Be it a verdant glade, the smoldering flow of lava, a serene seascape, or the whimsy of a spell; these are things we dream of capturing in dice, so you can take them anywhere with you, in the palm of your hands.

Made in the Philippines since 2018, with love and care.

Where else we can be found:

ORDER FORM or business inquiries:

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How to order &

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping, payment options, custom commissions, terms, and other serious things before you peruse our #DicePorn catalogues.

What are your dice made of?

Our artisan dice are made from jewelry-grade epoxy resin, colored with alcohol inks and mica powders. Many of our dice contain inclusions such as dried plants, metallic foil, air-dry clay, glitters, sequins, hand-painted 3D-printed miniatures, and whatever else makes them the pretty #DicePorn that they are.

Each die is cast, sanded, polished, and inked by hand.

Are they perfect? Balanced?

Aw, heck no they ain't.

Being hand-made without the use of pressure pots and vacuum chambers, please expect that our dice will have some imperfections (we fondly call them "character") such as small bubbles and mold lines.

But, rest assured that we inspect each die and gauge if it is roll-worthy to be functionally random for your gaming needs.

In what sets do they come in?

Sets can come in Poly 7s, and in sets of 10 of any die shape in a Poly 7 set (i.e. 10d6, 10d8, 10d10)

Can I commission resin dice with custom faces?

Absolutely. Dice with custom faces require a multi-step mold production process that includes 3D modelling, 3D printing, and silicone molding. This process requires a production fee exclusive to the production of the final dice products themselves. Pricing is available upon request.

I'd like to request for a custom design!

Over the past two years of dicemaking, our specialty is in turning your #DreamDice design ideas into a reality.

Feel free to send us a message either on our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/this website's order form to discuss with us your custom design.

However, we reserve the right to decline designs if it is beyond what our resources allow us to do. The approximate starting prices of custom sets can be seen on the next table.

Please also note that the exact designs you will see on our custom sets page are exclusive to the customers who ordered them. Should you wish to order a similar design, we can change some details so they aren't exactly alike!

pricing tablelocal(ph)international
Custom poly 7 setPhp 1,50040 USD
Custom poly 7 set with uniform 3d-printed inclusions Php 2,00060 USD
Custom poly 7 set with varied 3d-printed inclusions Php 2,50080 USD
Custom 10dx setPhp 2,00060 USD
custom 10dx set with uniform 3D-printed inclusions Php 2,50070 USD
custom 10dx set with varied 3D-printed inclusions Php 3,00090 USD
mold production for custom facesPhp 500 per unique die design10 usd per unique die design

How do I order dice?

Once you've picked out the design that you would like either through our catalogue or finalized a custom design with us, we'll ask you to message us the following (example below):

NAME: Dean Djarin
CONTACT #: 0917 485 3957
SHIPPING ADDRESS: 66 Order st. Razor Crest, Nevarro 1700
(1) Poly 7 - Naiad Scales
(3) 10d8 - Duskfall

Once we've received your order form, you'll hear from us again with an invoice including shipping costs and payment instructions.

Payment options
BDO bank deposit/transfer - for local
BPI bank deposit/transfer - for local
Paymaya cash-in/transfer - for local
Paypal - for local and international
courier/shipping serviceshipping feedelivery time
Fastrack (within metro manila, philippines)starts at Php 601-2 days
jrs (to provincial, philippines)starts at p